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Jean Jesensky

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Owner/Professional Indexer Endswell Indexing Work P.O. Box 525 Bolton MA 01740-0525 United States Work Phone: 978-855-0015 Website:

I’m a professional indexer and owner of Endswell Indexing since 2006. I work with publishers, editors, book designers, and authors to create indexes for non-fiction books.

My approach with my clients is collaborative, working with them to create the best possible final product. I take the time to understand who the prospective audiences are for a book so I can be sure to address their various perspectives as I create the entries for the index. This level of attention results in indexes that meet the needs of the readers, thus enhancing their reading experience and increasing the value of the book.

Subject areas in which I have special interest and expertise include music, animal behavior (particularly dog training and behavior), astronomy, business management and operations, health and wellness, self-help, antique and classic cars, and trains and railroading.