A look-back project — writing opportunity

Delmar Sherrill of Holden.was referred us to find someone interested in writing his life story. He’s in his late 80s and has stories to tell about life in the heyday of cinema, running theaters and drive-ins in the 40s and 50s, and also encounters this produced for him as a civilian and in the Air Force with big stars of the day. He went on to a career with Wal-Mart in community relations. He’s roughed out many chapters and homes for someone to write his life’s adventures both for their commercial potential and a family legacy. He is reachable by telephone but please email me for his number, bob@datzmedia.com

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About Bob

datzmedia, based in West Brookfield, offers businesses and organizations a practical path to success with immediate and ongoing marketing communications, publicity, web and publications suited specifically to their goals, targets and budgets by any means necessary (and ethical, of course).

Bob Datz launched datzmedia in March 2002 after moving beyond full-time journalism to incorporate web and graphic design skills through Clark University. Knowledge of Central Mass. and New England combines with strong content and presentation skills and campaign management.

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