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The Communicators Club is an all-volunteer organization, and we need help with ongoing projects and monthly tasks. Volunteer for a 30-minute assignment during a monthly lunch meeting or offer to help with our ongoing work. Your interests, expertise and passion can be quite an asset in supporting our mission!

The Communicators Club Wants Your Expertise!
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Some possibilities:

  • Act as a “greeter” at a monthly program. It’s easy—and takes only 30 minutes of your time. And you’ll meet new colleagues while offering a friendly greeting on behalf of The Communicators Club.
  • Help judge scholarship entries. It’s fascinating and will take a few hours of your time in March and/or April.
  • Contribute to our blog and/or help manage it.
  • Tweet, post, and keep social media messages from The Communicators Club fresh, lively and engaging.
  • Beef up our membership with creative promotions and networking.
  • Coordinate online advertising. Help us recruit advertisers for our site, keep them happy and manage logistics.
  • Bolster the annual meeting. Recruit sponsors for our year-end event. It’s traditionally our best-attended event of the year and is capped off with our scholarship presentation and a high-profile keynote speaker.
  • Become The Communicators Club’s “event manager” by handling logistics with the venues for our monthly programs.

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