I would like to begin a dialogue in this space about the communications aspects of the blood sport that will begin spilling out in earnest with the run-up to the November 8 presidential election. This is not to be a political discussion but a communications discussion. Whether it’s the unflattering photos of opponents that will appear in attack ads to the subtleties of the art of scripted propaganda, the staging of live appearances or the press and its focus on issues or lack thereof, let’s share some observations.

We are communicators so we are also keen observers, right? I can’t emphasize enough that it is not for politicking but for professional dissection. Like dissection in high school biology some may turn away and most will want to. But at the same time, we’re somehow forced to look.

The conventions provide us an appetizer too large to finish, but if we nibble away together at this pile of calamari, we can get through that to the main course, the campaign itself. Are you in? Contribute, comment, think and, perhaps, weep for America through the campaign season.

Best of luck to all,

Bob Datz