When you go to the program guide on Charter, you may stumble across your local access, educational access or government access channels. They are usually in the 190s since Charter booted them out of the easy-to-find low-number channels a few years ago.

When we ponder how ignorant folks are about civics and happenings in general, but also the lack of community, the absence of credible local news in most towns has a compounding effect. Yet you just might want to know what’s on – not to mention where the channels are – that could be of interest and affect your life directly. It may not be slick production but local access is indeed access to government info as well as an available non-commercial “voice of the people.”

But should you stumble up to the 190s in the guide all the access channels – be they public, educational or government access – are ID’d as “Local Access Programming All Day.” Well, that’s informative.

Legislation supported by Mass Access, the trade group for local access studios in communities across Massachusetts, is supporting legislation to require the cable companies to run itemized access channel schedules so you will know all your alternatives to Seinfeld reruns – not that there’s anything wrong with that, or “reality” TV or whatever.

Read about that here.┬áIf you think it’s worth supporting, maybe you will let your legislator and senator know that it’s a good-government measure to encourage access to local town proceedings and voices.

— See you soon,

Bob Datz