As a tumultuous time in our history winds down and the concept of “truth” becomes ever-more fungible, it’s an opportune moment to revisit successful business relationships’ bedrock principle:


The Communicators Club is proud to welcome back a guest speaker whose prosperous brand was built on that sentiment. Please join us from noon to 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 2, as psychologist and sales strategist Dr. Nancy Zare offers an up-to-date take on this crucial connection.

The Rapport Builderz founder will be offering key insights from her new book, “Compelling Selling: Simple & Profitable Tips for Effective, Efficient Sales Conversations.”

“According to Salesforce, 79 percent of buyers in the sales process want professionals who perform as trusted advisors. Yet, it takes time to build trust. Can you shorten the process? Yes!” she says. “By using the principles outlined in Compelling Selling, you build rapport quickly and authentically, become a trusted advisor, and end sales conversations with acquiring new clients.”

Nancy uses her trademarked technique, AlikeAbility, to “increase comfort, build trust, and reduce sales resistance, which opens the door to doing business together.” She’s eager to teach our Feb. 2 attendees how to profitably use that mindset in their own marketing efforts.

A Q&A segment will follow the Zoom-based presentation. If time allows, registrants will be able to introduce themselves and pitch their prospective businesses. A $10 fee will be charged for the event.

A retired professor, Nancy notes her skills in simplifying complex information and creating an interactive, upbeat atmosphere. Whether in a work situation or personal encounter, everyone benefits from learning new approaches for quickly and authentically building rapport, communicating effectively, following up, and becoming a master of sales.

Nancy spent time with TCC in March 2020; her presentation about “turning prospects into clients, and clients into raving fans” was revelatory, and enjoyed by all. She certainly earned our trust — register now, and we’re confident you’ll agree!

Be ready to laugh, think, share, and be “wowed” as Nancy drives home the idea of how buyers buy.

About Our Speaker

As a psychologist, strategist, author and speaker, Nancy helps people acquire and conduct business without using traditional sales techniques. She specializes in working with entrepreneurs who feel awkward when starting sales conversations; following up; handling questions and objections; and asking to get hired. She helps clients feel comfortable and poised, sell with confidence, and gain business.

Nancy earned her master’s and doctorate degrees from Boston College, and is a former professor of social work. She’s the author of several books, including the international best-seller, “Words That Sell with Style.

Accredited in sales training and adult learning, Nancy enjoys turning education into edutainment. Her secret desire is to go racing on the Autobahn.

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