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2019-20 programs:

Cyber Attack! Are You Protected?

Oct. 2, 2019 Luncheon Program
In an era of ever-growing cyber threats, attorney and information security specialist Cameron Shilling of McLane Middleton detailed several strategies to keep your personal and business data locked down.

2018-19 programs:

Getting the Most from Google Analytics

Oct. 16, 2018 Luncheon Program
Angie Ward of Enroll Media Group showed us how Google Analytics matters for organizations looking to achieve enrollment or revenue growth.

Marketing Lessons from the Titanic

Nov. 6, 2018 Luncheon Program
Steve Rankel was well-received in his telling to the icebergs to avoid in promoting to your markets.

Top PR Trends for 2019

January 8, 2019 Luncheon Program

Hilary McCarthy revealed strategies to work effectively to reach the public in a changing media landscape.

Customer-led Marketing

February 5, 2019 Luncheon Program

Steve Rankel returned to focus on how to apply the lessons of client-centered marketing.

Our Board of Advisors

March 5, 2019 Luncheon Program

A round-table discussion among communicators in a variety of fields produced an engaging and informative experience for all concerned.

Selling in 2020: A Changing Landscape

April 2, 2019 Luncheon Program

After scheduled speaker Cameron Schilling had to cancel his presentation, The Communicators Club’s own Hans Riemer, president & CEO of Market Vantage and president of TCC’s Board of Directors, filled the breach.

He delivered a well-received presentation about the sales concepts in the Martyn R. Lewis book, “How Customers Buy … & Why They Don’t.” Hans stressed several of the book’s main points: For example, the latest generation of buyers is much more likely to have widely researched competing products or services; today’s fine-grained data profiles can help sellers marshal their resources on those who are truly ready to purchase; and sellers need to remain engaged throughout the buying journey.

Our 2017-18 programs:

Internet Marketing: Secrets of the Pros

Sept. 12, 2017 / lunch-hour speaker
Starting us off for our 2017-18 program year was a very practical and informative presentation by Hans Riemer, president and CEO of Market Vantage who discussed the evolution of search and social media platform advertising and how organic search and SEO have been downplayed in favor of revenue-producing services for the big players.

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Worcester’s Innovation Economy
Oct. 17, 2017 luncheon program

Kevin O’Sullivan, CEO of the Massachusetts Biomedical Initiative and a longtime development activist in the city, led us through the evolution of Worcester as a hub for biomed, higher ed and healthcare and the many opportunities this creates for all of us.

The Innovation Economy
October 17, 2017/ luncheon speaker

Kevin O’Sullivan, CEO of Massachusetts Biomedical Initiative, revealed a lot of potential for communicators and others in the booming Innovation Economy in Greater Worcester: healthcare, biomed and higher ed. As a seasoned player in the Central Mass. development scene, he had some amusing and insightful looks back on how we got here.

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Elevate Your Elevator Pitch
November 1, 2017 luncheon

Jeanne Union of Union Sales Presentation Coaching brought her expertise to this  program co-sponsored with Women in Development of Central Mass. She provided tips on the invaluable skill of selling yourself in an instant, the pop-up opportunity.

Holiday Lunch

Tuesday, December 5, O’Connor’s Restaurant

Creating a Call to Action

Tuesday, January 9, luncheon

Our action-packed, three-member panel struck a well-received note on the quick impression that can last and last. How to make it and how to make it work in your communications and self-promotion.

Fake News: A Real Problem in a Post-Fact World

February 13 luncheon program 

Dr. Kyle Moody, assistant professor of Communications Media at Fitchburg State University, researches and lectures on the fake news phenomenon. He shared in-person and take-home resources to identify this species, and shed light on exactly how it multiplies.

Creating Content for Web and Social Media

March 27 luncheon program

Our storm-delayed program produced a great turnout for Jake Messier, a longtime marketer through online platforms, covering everyting from content writing tips to multiplying the effect of the good things you do.

The ‘Be Like Brit’ Story

Our May 2018 Annual Meeting

We welcomed Be Like Brit Co-founder Cherylann Gengel as guest speaker, co-founder of the nonprofit that came from her daughter’s passing in Haiti during the devastating 2010 earthquake. It’s a last wish that was not lost with the unfortunate loss of college student Britney Gengel.

The Art of Community Relations

April 10 luncheon program

Kola Akindele, director of Community Relations, UMass Medical School covered how to engage with diverse communities from the street to the organization level by getting to know players and having something to offer them.

Our 2016-17 events:

Preparedness Never Rests: Behind the Scenes at MEMA
Sept. 13, 2016 / lunch-hour speaker

Chris Besse, who handles public information and social media for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency told us what MEMA does before, during, and after emergencies and disasters and his role in disseminating public information. He revealed the inter-agency coordination necessary in accurate messaging as well as crisis communications lessons and strategies during disasters.

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Part 1      Part 2

A Power-packed Panel: Pitching to the Media
Oct. 11, 2016 lunch-hour event

5 Top Editors from Top Central Mass Outlets

shared best practices to get publicity on the internet, TV, radio and news pages. These key news decision-makers shared aspects that are generally fruitful and some applicable to their particular media, agreeing that their deluge of emails does not deter them from responding to a good story well promoted. Panelists were

Andy Lacombe of Charter TV’s Worcester News Tonight, Worcester Magazine Editor Walter Bird Jr., David P. Nordman, assistant managing editor/new media at the Telegram & Gazette, Brad Kane, editor of Worcester Business Journal and Hank Stolz, WCRN radio news.
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Speed Mentoring & Networking: Career-building Insights
Nov. 15, 2016 / After-Work Event

Students and professionals networked and circulated among communications experts in several disciplines using the “speed dating” format. Stations at El Basha included Internet Marketing, Social Media, Video, Web Design and Content, Higher Ed Communications, Nonprofit Communications, Health Care Communications, Multi-platform Journalism, Events Promotion, Landing Your Communications Job.

This event was sponsored in part by Pagio Publishing and Pulse Magazine.

2016 Holiday Social & Food Drive
Dec. 13 / Evening Event

At the hibachi tables of 7 Nana on Shrewsbury Street, we had lots to chatter about amid the flaming artistry of the chefs and our own conversation to fan the flames. Communications Trivia was a humbling but educational experience for the teams who played.

Per tradition, we took in food and monetary donations to the Worcester County Food Bank.

Worcester’s Canal District: Visions and Revisions
January 10, 2017 Luncheon

Partaking of the fare at Smokestack Urban Barbecue, we virtually marinated in the rolling story of the Canal District with speaker Allen Fletcher, one of the earliest visionaries to help bring about the current transformation into a mixed-used urban neighborhood brimming with vitality. A fascinating treat for any communicator wanting to “know the territory.”

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Falling in Love With Visuals: PowerPoint and Cellphone Video
February 14, 2017 Luncheon

A double-dip Valentine’s Day lunch program: First, Doug Bonin helped a large turnout at El Basha win the epic battle against complex PowerPoint presentations with his presentation, “Crazy Simple.” Here are some recommended links from Doug.

Better Slideshow Tips

The Secret Structure of Great Talks

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Then Videographer Jay Barry showed how to quickly produce and edit a cellphone video to post on the web and social media, including a video he put together just for the presentation.

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Worcester’s Innovation Economy
March 14, 2017

Program with Kevin O’ Sullivan of the Mass Biotech Institute, cancelled due to a snowstorm, to is to be rescheduled in our 2017-18 program lineup.

Behind the Communications Scene at the DA’s Office
April 11, 2017 Luncheon

Tim Connolly, communications director for Worcester County District Attorney Joe Early, has learned about life behind the crime scene tape in more than 10 years on the job. It’s sometimes emotional work to dispassionately dole out what can be said about investigations into life-shattering crimes.

Tim shared some of that along with how he hopped the fence from a long news reporting career, first to statehouse publicity roles and later into the world of crime in Central Massachusetts. It was an eye-opener for him, and us.

The Communicators Club Annual Meeting
May 9, evening event featuring Margery Eagan of WGBH radio

We enjoyed Guest Margery Eagan, co-host of the WGBH “Boston Public Radio” mid-day program and Boston columnist.

This rare Worcester appearance for Ms. Eagan filled us in on a background and love for journalism that informs her work on radio, with plenty of audience questions from an audience attuned to media and politics..

We also honored our scholarship recipient, Isabella Sansone of Nichols College, while presenting her with a $1,000 award for her dynamism and accomplishment as a marketing major.

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