Ken CookHow To WHO: Selling Personified

Looking at business development through the lens of relationships

When sales are down, companies typically look to change their products, services, pricing, processes, or even people. Paradoxically, they seldom seek to improve their relationships, and that is the one thing no one can copy—your relationship with your customer.

Learn how to build effective relationships, and to build business through those relationships, so you can: 1.) Increase your effective and trusting relationships; 2.) Understand relationship dynamics and the elements at work; and 3.) Strategize about focusing on WHO: establishing relationships as the foundation of your business planning and proactive referral efforts!

About Ken

Co-founder of How to WHO and co-author of How To WHO: Selling Personified, Ken also founded Peer to Peer Advisors, New England’s largest independent peer advisory board services company. He spent 25 years consulting with high-growth and middle-market companies, focusing on marketing, sales and growth strategies, and was one of four consultants contracted by Inc. Magazineto work with the Inc. 500.

Ken’s other books include The Wisdom of Our Peers, The AMA Complete Guide to Small Business Marketing, The AMA Guide to Strategic Planning for Small Business, as well as monthly columns for Hartford Business Journal, Worcester Business Journal and Providence Business News. He has spoken at national conferences and workshops, and for Fortune 500 companies. He was a senior consultant with the Department of Defense in their Mentor-Protégé Program, and is a former adjunct faculty member at Boston University and Wright State University’s Management Education Centers.