New board, new energy — and you?

I’m pleased to announce new officers for the board we elected last month: I am returning as president, a post assumed mid-year when work obligations forced Allison Hall to step back. Boy, we will miss her from the board this year and we thank her for her service and more — a spirit few can match.

Blair Gately is the new vice president, with Alan Chapman as secretary and Jay Brenner returning as treasurer.

Nine board members are not enough, however, to keep The Communicators Club thriving and relevant to the ever-evolving profile of communicators in our midst. We’re all part-timers. How about a sliver of your time?

We could use some help to plan programs and market our organization to new, past and existing members. Committees are forming for 2016-17 to do those things. Light lifting by a bright sub-group of our board and members gets a lot done.

Feel free to contact me personally at and we can discuss interest areas.

We are not snoozing the summer away, so keep watch for our updates!

All the best,

Bob Datz

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datzmedia, based in West Brookfield, offers businesses and organizations a practical path to success with immediate and ongoing marketing communications, publicity, web and publications suited specifically to their goals, targets and budgets by any means necessary (and ethical, of course).

Bob Datz launched datzmedia in March 2002 after moving beyond full-time journalism to incorporate web and graphic design skills through Clark University. Knowledge of Central Mass. and New England combines with strong content and presentation skills and campaign management.

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