Monthly Promotional Opportunities

Anyone attending The Communicators Club meetings can win a “promotion” door prize. We pull two winners each month:

  • Free Advertising: Members are eligible for free advertising in our e-communications that reach hundreds of communications pros throughout Central Massachusetts over the course of a month.
  • 3-Minute Spotlight: Anyone attending the monthly lunch program can win time in the Spotlight. If your business card is drawn, you have the floor to promote yourself or your business during the 3-Minute Spotlight at the following month’s lunch program.

Professional Development

The Communicators Club members gain access to current information on industry trends, as well as skills and resources they can use in their work during our monthly meetings.

The Communicators Club also offers free professional development seminars and podcasts. We have partnered with the Coalition of Cultural and Intercultural Leadership (CCIL), a joint program of Fitchburg State University and Clark University, to help make CCIL programming more widely available.

Archived Podcasts

CCIL produced several educational podcasts. Links to the podcasts are available here. Topics include a range of communications topics, from communication strategies for leaders and developing intercultural awareness to power of questions and dialogic listening. Click to download and listen.

The first podcast is “Lessons Learned” by Luanne Proko, Chair of the Business Communications Department at Nichols College. In it, she discusses the value to businesses and organizations of conducting “Lessons Learned” events after the completion of a project or work engagement. She explains how to conduct an effective group debriefing, benefits of reflecting on the successes and mistakes of the project, and how to use the information gleaned as a guide for future projects.

Developing Intercultural Awareness,” (6.3 mb) presents ideas on how to think of intercultural relationships we encounter in a business setting. The guest this month is Ron Reidy, who has worked across the globe and provides insights into ways to think of culture.

Benchmarking” (6.7 mb) Benchmarking is a term that has taken on significance as we lead organizations, plan projects, and assess our success. In this brief podcast we discuss the many facets of benchmarking and how to go about using benchmarking in your work to get results. Techniques related to two essential benchmarking methods, survey and interview, along with their pros and cons are also discussed.

Managing Conflict” (6.7 mb) Conflict is an inevitable feature of living and the effective person learns how to manage conflict. Avoidance of conflict can only make a situation worse over time. Developing competencies to recognize conflict and move towards resolution is important in many ways. In professional situations the chance for conflict is likely to be greater due to the differences in meaning systems. This podcast will explore strategies to manage personal and particularly, workplace conflict effectively.