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In-person presentation! Munq Creative's Hally armed with tips for empathy, persuasion

How do we talk about ourselves? Our mission? The value we want to create in the world? How do we handle objections, or take back control of a conversation? Munq Creative co-founder Tim Hally will supply those answers and more when he presents key principles and ideas during The Communicators Club's first non-virtual event since the spring of 2020.

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Phillippi Ryan enthralls virtual audience with novel approach to success

There's no mystery behind Hank Phillippi Ryan's towering achievements in both the journalism and fiction-writing realms: She's an intelligent, passionate, persistent and entertaining presence. The Communicators Club’s Sept. 14 audience enjoyed a ...

Please help — volunteers needed for TCC Board

To all present and former members of The Communicators Club, and those who've taken part in our events: We’re still looking for volunteers for the Board of Directors for the 2022-23 program season. The majority of our current Board members have s...

Revamped website secures faster, safer framework

An overhaul of The Communicators Club's web presence has arrived, and it's more than skin deep. The updated website has swapped WordPress for a more lightweight and secure solution: a static site generator. Familiar features, including several ...

The Communicators Club marks twin milestones

The past year has brought two reminders of The Communicators Club's longevity and impact: the 70th anniversary of our predecessor organization's founding in 1951, and the 10th birthday of TCC as it exists today. To honor the first milestone, The ...

Recent guest speakers tackle new challenges

In a testament to the always-evolving communications landscape, two of The Communicators Club's recent guest speakers have left their positions -- and Massachusetts -- to pursue new adventures. Monica Sager (shown above during her virtual present...