Reunited members review historical highlights of TCC, predecessors

What started in 1951 as the Worcester County Editors’ Council eventually became the Society of Professional Communicators, and then The Communicators Club.

That’s a lot of history. And given the nature of the profession, a lot of stories.

While they don’t go back 70 years, a panel of past and current members will share tales of notable speakers, settings and historic moments for the organization and the wider world. There’s much to learn from the past, for while the tools may look different, many communications challenges remain the same.

We’re proud to present this captivating mix of historical anecdotes and personal reminiscences from noon to 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 14, in a Zoom-based presentation.

A $10 fee applies when registering. What’s sure to be a nostalgia-filled question-and-answer session will follow the discussion.

The panel will be moderated by Communicators Club veteran and past president Allison Chisolm, whose involvement with the group predates TCC’s creation: She joined its SPC forerunner shortly after moving to Worcester in 1992.

Allison, the founder of Choice Words/Chisolm & Co., is expected to be joined on the panel by a quartet of former board members: Bob Datz, Mike Dorsey, Diane Gaw and Margaret LeRoux. We’ll have more information on each participant’s TCC history and current pursuits as the Sept. 14 event draws closer.

Please join us for the inaugural meeting of our 2021-2022 season. Register now to enjoy our virtual reunion!