In-person presentation! Munq Creative’s Hally armed with tips for empathy, persuasion

How do we talk about ourselves? Our mission? The value we want to create in the world? How do we handle objections, or take back control of a conversation?

Munq Creative co-founder Tim Hally will supply those answers and more when he presents the key principles and ideas found in his Clark University course, “Art of the Pitch,” for The Communicators Club on Tuesday, March 7.

Tim’s talk marks a milestone for TCC: It’s our first in-person presentation since the spring of 2020, when the onset of COVID-19 restricted our events to virtual gatherings via Zoom.

The program will run from noon to 1:15 p.m. at O’Connor’s Restaurant & Bar, 1160 West Boylston St., Worcester. The fee — which includes a meal off the menu — is $20 for members and $35 for nonmembers. (New TCC members will receive a registration promo code to use for the $15 discount.)

Our in-person events allow attendees to casually network with others before and after the presentation. We’ll also set aside a few minutes for audience members to introduce themselves, and pitch their enterprise/expertise.

Tim’s presentation will be focused on helping business owners and entrepreneurs develop self-awareness and storytelling skills that help them communicate their ideas and beliefs with confidence.

Whether in your personal life or your career, the success you achieve is reliant on your ability to do the ”inner work” and act upon that self-discovery, says Tim, who’s also an adjunct professor in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation department at Clark.

Other key marketing topics he’ll address include:

  • Identifying opportunities.

  • Handling objections.

  • Networking.

  • Deploying empathy.

Tim’s “Art of the Pitch” course is focused on how we communicate and present ourselves to others. We need to sell ourselves every day, he says. He believes people have a lot of talent and potential, but it doesn’t get realized if it isn’t communicated properly.

“For me, pitching is less about sales and more about telling a complete story,” Tim says. “In order to build a bridge of empathy through story, we first need to know ourselves.”

Knowing what you’re good at and where you need development are keys to succeeding in the professional world, he says.

About our speaker

Tim is a Central Massachusetts native who has been on an entrepreneurial journey for the past five years. He attended Clark University for both his undergraduate and master’s degrees. Upon graduation, he started Munq Creative in December 2020 along with co-founder Justin Matsen.

Their agency specializes in brand strategy and messaging, with a heavy focus on video production to help tell, and amplify, brand stories.

In 2022, Tim returned to his alma mater, where he is currently an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship. He says his mission in life is to spread the light of entrepreneurship and to help others discover their true purpose. 

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