Why should you become a member of The Communicators Club? Above all, that commitment expresses your support for making communicators better at what they do, and more knowledgeable about their craft. TCC represents professionals connected with myriad specialties online, in print, through electronic media and across communications platforms.

Join the Club now and save!

The new non-member fees for Communicators Club events are $35 for in-person events (including a meal), and $15 for virtual presentations. A minimum of five meetings are planned per year. You can minimize those costs by purchasing a full-year individual TCC membership for $50. The benefits of membership enable you to:

  • Knock $15 off your ticket to any in-person event for a full calendar year. (You’ll receive a discount code from TCC via email to use when registering.)

  • Attend any online programs for that full year at no cost.

  • Conveniently register for each virtual event without having to go through the payment process.

  • Gain access to a recording of the event if you’re unable to attend.

  • Support TCC by providing a more reliable revenue stream.

Your $50 membership will buy you at least $75 worth of event registrations, saving you a minimum of $25. If you’ve benefited from our excellent, thought-provoking lineup of speakers, please become a member today!