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Internet Marketing:

Secrets of the Pros, From Website Traffic
to Lead Generation

11:45 a.m. Networking / Noon luncheon & program
Tuesday, Sept. 12 / Smokestack Urban Barbecue / 139 Green St., Worcester


Hans Riemer cuts through the fog of search-based and social
media advertising and through the thicket of analytics for businesses and organizations across the country.

Hans Riemer speaks Sept. 12, 2017 to The Communicators Club on Internet Marketing

Hans Riemer, President & CEO, Market Vantage

Since 2002, Hans and his team at Market Vantage have been helping organizations get the most from their investments in Google AdWords and social media platforms, working with communications professionals in other fields to deliver results to clients.

There are ways for smaller firms to do a better job with this and ways that larger ones can understand the work being done on behalf of their organizations without losing control over the process, “to help executives know enough to ask the right kinds of questions.”

Hans, also a TCC board member, will tell us about some of these  — including free and low-cost analytical tools — when The Communicators Club kicks off its 2017-18 program lineup on Sept. 12 at El Basha in Worcester.

Since 1996, he has designed and implemented hundreds of successful Internet marketing and lead generation programs for companies in a variety of industries, non-profits and colleges.

Prior to founding Market Vantage, Hans was a senior product manager and market development manager for Apollo Computer, Hewlett Packard, and Novell, served as VP of Marketing for UltiMap Corporation, and as Director of Business Development and Corporate Communications for the Software Division of Hitachi Computer Products.

Still More Useful Programs to Come!

This luncheon meeting will feature the first in a series of engaging and useful topics for members and guests interested in communications and the economic landscape around us.

Subsequent programs being finalized include fake news, the innovation economy, your killer elevator pitch, writing for the web and communicating a call to action. Of course, networking and professional advancement are key to the mix of what we do.

That’s why it’s time to lock down membership at the Early Bird rate for this and as many programs as you can attend.

Already a member for 2017-18? When you are, toast yourself by recruiting someone to join and getting a $10 gift card for Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. But with or without the incentive of a member’s admission discount to see and hear Hans Riemer’s Internet Marketing program, be there!

Almost anyone you know in business can benefit from being there.