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January 13, 2014

MANAGE Copyright. Don’t let it manage you.

Barbara IngrassiaThe words RISK, COMPLIANCE, and LITIGATION can strike fear in the hearts of business owners. One important aspect of business practice that has received little attention is COPYRIGHT. In the Digital Age, it’s so easy to search, copy, paste, send—without giving a thought to who owns the rights to that content. This “use without permission” can put a business at RISK for charges of copyright infringement– resulting in expensive litigation—the loss of time, money, and reputation. In addition to being CONSUMERS of copyright-protected content, we are all CREATORS of original content, and we need to know how to develop Best Practices to protect our businesses in both roles.

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about copyright compliance/infringement in the Digital Age; how can business owners cope?

Certified Copyright Manager Barbara Ingrassia calls herself a Wilderness Guide and Risk Manager; she guides people through the gray murky ooze that is COPYRIGHT in the Digital Age…around the potholes…around the quicksand—that can suck the life out of a business, organization, or project.

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