Rankel deciphers risks, opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in virtual presentation


e’re proud to announce product-marketing authority and global thought leader Steve Rankel will kick off The Communicators Club’s 2023-2024 program season on Tuesday, Sept. 12, with a Zoom-based breakdown of the topic that’s top of mind in every enterprise: Artificial Intelligence.

Is AI something you, as a professional or business owner, should explore or implement? Is it a mere distraction – or a possible threat to your livelihood? Steve will supply the relevant answers when he joins us for a virtual presentation from noon to 1:15 p.m. A $10 fee will be charged; the registration link will be shared in the coming days.

In addition to his self-styled role as “Simplifier, Storyteller and Speaker,” Steve is on the leading edge of deciphering what AI is, isn’t, and can be. He was one of a handful of experts recruited to speak on May’s influential webcast, “AI: What’s Hype and What’s Not,” hosted by the Association of International Product Marketing & Management.

We’re excited to have a speaker of Steve’s stature address this complex topic. Please join us to find out how AI, in its evolving forms, has the potential to benefit businesses equipped with the right expectations, queries and safeguards.

Still, the technology’s mainstream adoption has been riddled with well-documented legal and ethical controversies. This can’t-miss event will help you navigate those AI minefields.

Steve has graced us before, most recently in a memorable February 2019 TCC program on client-centered sales. In 2018, his “Marketing Lessons from the Titantic” talk was also a hit.

About our speaker

As a product leader and researcher, Steve Rankel regards his North Star as “anything that doesn’t come from a customer’s mouth is nothing but an educated guess.” He loves uncovering what customers experience as “blockers” and “untapped secret sauce,” and transforming them into practical solutions to address what matters most.

A pioneering marketer, Steve built and sold AI/machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and speech-recognition systems long before they became, in his words, “the talk of the town.”

His personal and teams’ efforts have helped generate more than 114,000 leads in healthcare, the consumer sphere and B2B; signed up more than 31,000 customers; created $340 million-plus in lifetime value (LTV); and yielded nearly $1 billion in investor returns.

Visit Steve’s LinkedIn page by clicking here.

TCC seeks your input on new season’s speakers, topics

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