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“Real Problems in a Post-Fact World”

The Impact of Fake News and How We Can Fight It

11:45-1:15, February 13, 2018

Kyle Moody, assistant professor of communications media at Fitchburg State University, is a sought-after speaker and researcher into the deep potholes that have developed along an internet that was once hailed as “the information superhighway.”

We’ll learn gory details of the fake news phenomenon that muddies the water  for real communicators of many kinds.

Over a year into the Trump administration, the discussion of fake news and its impact has grown into an international discussion of truth and confidence in media programming overall. Yet the exact nature of fake news and its influence is still up for discussion.

This luncheon program will provide professionals, scholars, and journalists with a working understanding of fake news, its origins in journalism history, and the influence of technology on modern media habits and fake news creation. Finally, there will be an overview of ways individuals and organizations can fight against fake news.

Dr. Kyle Moody is an Assistant Professor of Communications Media at Fitchburg State University. Prior to obtaining his Ph.D in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Iowa, Dr. Moody was a program director, radio station manager and social media consultant for several businesses  His ongoing research includes online communities of users, fake news communities, new media design, social media applications, ethnography, cultural studies, and media production. He teaches the social media classes at Fitchburg State University, along with classes on professional communication, document design, and online production.

Take-aways for those attending our luncheon program will include resources for reference and further exploration of fake news, as well as a period for networking. We welcome guests from media or business, and anyone who cares about our civic life.

Great lunch, great stimulation. We hope to see you there.

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