Crafting Your Message to Stand Out and Sell More in 2019

There’s more noise and confusion in the market than ever. So, how do you stand out as unique and special in a way that moves potential customers to buy?

You need to sell your “secret sauce!” But, what exactly IS your secret sauce, and how do you communicate it so that your prospects and customers will understand?

Steve Rankel was well received in November when he presented marketing pitfalls we can all avoid. Now join us Feb. 5 as Steve will explain how to:

  • Uncover your secret sauce
  • Get customers to tell you EXACTLY how to describe it (become Customer-Led!)
  • Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes marketers make
  • Ask the most important question to help win new customers

…and more

This session will include examples and stories from large and small companies selling products, services, technology, consulting, biotech, non-profit and cause-related work, and others.

About Steve

Steve Rankel is President of B2BMessaging and co-founder of the Customer-Led movement ( He helps clients understand what customers value most, and focus their selling and message on that. You can reach him at

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