5 Trends in PR In The New Year

Who: Hilary McCarthy, PR Director, Clearpoint Agency
What: The Communicators Club luncheon program
Where: Bancroft School Field House, 100 Shore Drive, Worcester
When: 11:45-1 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2019

It never goes away, but the need for PR mastery grows and changes with the tools, the times and the trends in media.

Why is PR growing in importance? And what are the trends driving its growth?

Drawing on 20+ years of experience in media and analyst relations, as well as marketing strategy, content strategy and development, crisis communications, and social media — Hilary McCarthy will explore the top 5 trends in PR that every marketer needs to know.

“From the evolving media landscape to greater integration with marketing,” McCarthy says, “the PR industry is set to set to change drastically over the next five years, so much so that many PR practitioners don’t believe ‘public relations’ will describe the work they do. … yet, some things — like good storytelling and needing to be a jack of all trades—will stay the same.”

About Hilary

Hilary McCarthy is PR Director at Clearpoint Agency and a public relations consultant. In addition to work at agencies and in-house at technology companies, she has worked in television news and radio. Her work has appeared in top media outlets from The Wall Street Journal to ABC World News, as well as writing and placing numerous articles in trade publications

The Communicators Club is glad to lead off the new year with the contemporary approach to an ever-important topic for our members and interested visitors. Reserve your place now!

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