Dias to detail positives of getting your content strategies in sync

On a day devoted to having our voices heard at the ballot box, The Communicators Club is endorsing the perfect candidate for synthesizing your marketing and branding push.

Business coach, strategist and consultant Megan Dias will offer a virtual presentation titled, “How to Create an Aligned Content Strategy to Grow Your Brand (with ease!)” when we meet from noon to 1:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

You might call Megan a TCC incumbent: She delivered a highly informative presentation on raising your social-media profiles in a September 2020 virtual visit.

“We’ve all heard it is important to build an authentic brand — but what does that even mean?” posed Megan in a preview of her November discussion. “Authenticity is so important, and yet content strategy needs to truly fit your brand to be a magnet for the right kind of clients or prospects you — or the company you support — want to attract.”

For this event, Megan will delve into:

  • How to align and create content that is authentic to you or your offerings.

  • How to promote it across all channels (social media, email, website, etc.).

  • And how to create an ongoing strategic plan to easily manage your content.

Whether you support a large organization or are a solopreneur, this presentation will provide turnkey solutions that professional communicators can appreciate and put to use.

A $15 fee will be charged for the Zoom-based program.

About our speaker

The founder of Megan Dias Coaching & Consulting, she turned a family tragedy into an outlook that stresses positivity at home and work.

“I love working with hungry entrepreneurs who lead with their hearts, would like more happiness, and truly want to make the world a better place,” Megan notes on her website’s homepage.

Her coaching, marketing assistance, course offerings and podcast revolve around a “Positive Psychology” that’s designed to help her clients flourish in all facets of their lives. Read more about Megan’s path on her website’s About page.

We hope to see you on Nov. 8 for an illuminating discussion.

You can keep up with Megan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.